Where have I been?

Where have I been?? Such a long time without writing!! How are you all doing? 😀

As for me the reasons that I haven’t been writing are quite good, I have got home and have been happily busy going to the beach, being with my friends and enjoying my beloved country! 🙂 Cause at the end of the day you know what? There’s nothing like the feeling of being home – and having said that here I leave with some photos of the place where my heart will always be – Ericeira, Portugal 🙂 ❤

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sunny happy days

So happy!!! It seems like finally the veeeery shy sunny decided to come out! Birmingham looks as pretty as never before! I am indeed a sunny girl, just love to feel that warm amazing heat in my skin and be able to look outside the window and see real light and not a dark grey sky. I don’t know how long this beautiful weather  is staying in England but I am loving it! And I hope it stays long because – NEWS!!! – I am about to go VISIT A NEW COUNTRY! – IRELAND! 😀 soooo excited!!! My best friend from Germany is coming here on the 14th and then on the 16th we are taking the boat to Irish soil! So excited that for the first time after almost 20 years (Oh God this sounds too much! 😦 sorry but I am a bit Peter Pan, the idea of a kid forever is music to my ears! 🙂 but anyways… after such a long time I will finally get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (in Portugal we don’t really have it as tradition) and what better way to do so then in Dublin that hosts the 2nd biggest parade in the world! I am so excited! And right after it on the 19th it’s my birthday! YEAH! So I will also spend it on Ireland with my best friend 🙂 and straight after it I am heading to London and then Portugal! So it will be a full exciting traveling week that I just can’t wait for! And promise, I will share it all here with you my wonderful friend bloggers that have been walking this journey with me and for that and all the rest, thank you so much! 🙂

So yes, I am just happy and just wanted to share it with you! 🙂 Don’t just live life, love it and never take it for granted cause no one knows what tomorrow has for you so just in case, don’t let anything for later .. some emotional girl whose name starts by C sometimes knocks these in my head ^^

Happy week to you all my friends! 🙂

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How I am going to MISS THIS!


Over here it is a really nice day today, nice and shinny and the temperature is just great! Summer summer how much I enjoy you and how much I am gonna miss you very soon! You and the beautiful beach I will soon not have the luck to look at everyday! Birmingham is no close to the beach and as for the weather, everyone knows UK’s weather is famous for its rain and I according to my searching it doesn’t get these great temperatures in Birmingham…I’ve checked Birmingham temperatures and it doesn’t pass 20ºC celcious! And with all the usual rain I have a feeling I am not gonna see the sun as much as I wished to.. So I better enjoy the last sunbeams I may be having in a while!


Hoje está um óptimo dia. Quente, sol a brilhar e a temperatura está óptima! Verão, verão, como vou gosto de ti e como  sinto que vou ter tantas saudades tuas muito em breve! Este tempo e a praia que muito em breve eu não terei a sorte de poder ver todos os dias! Birmingham não é perto do mar e quanto ao tempo toda a gente sabe como o Reino Unido é famoso pela sua chuva; e segundo as minhas pesquisas as temperaturas, em Birmingham estas não são as melhores…Pesquisei temperaturas em Birmingham e pelas previsões nunca passa dos 20ºC celcious, nem em Agosto! E com a chuva frequente tenho o presentimento que sol não seja algo que vá ver assim com tanta frequência… Por isso o melhor mesmo é eu aproveitar estes que poderão vir a ser os últimos raios de Sol que terei nos próximos tempos!