London is always a good idea!

Despite of all the rain these last days London has been suffering it is still the beautiful and magic capital it always is! Besides London without its rain is not really London! Always pretty these city always has its tendency to make me smile. Oh dear London thank you for being such a good therapy, I love you! 🙂

IMG_3788 IMG_3812 IMG_3862 IMG_3864 IMG_3869 IMG_3870My always must go – Victoria’s Secret! 🙂IMG_3871 IMG_3875Portuguese model Sara Sampaio, feel proud! 😀IMG_3886IMG_3877Victoria’s Secret last VS Fashion Show outfits:IMG_3881 IMG_3883 IMG_3884So exciting we even got to watch the Premiere of Dallas Buyers Club movie! Waiting in the rainy cold weather and trying to guess from which car the actors were going to leave was quite an hard task considering that for some reason in this street pretty much only very expensive cars pass by! Or in fact you just have to be in London, Oxford area and I dare to say you will see the newest cars of all expensive brands! Oh London…you do take a good life! IMG_3892 IMG_3911IMG_3899IMG_3922


Can you please remind me when did I invite you? Cause I don’t remember…so yes, please leave! You’re not welcome! Sincerely, Carolina

Podes por favor relembrar-me quando foi que te convidei? Não me recordo de tal…sim, por favor, vai embora! Nao és bem vindo! Sinceramente, Carolina!IMG_1937

Christmas German Market – Birmingham

How can you possible not love Christmas? Visit with me through this photographs the most magical and beautiful xmas market I’ve seen! 🙂

Como é possível não adorar o Natal? Visitem comigo nestas fotos o mais mágico e maravilhoso mercado de natal que eu já vi! 🙂



Roasted chestnuts! So good! The first ones I see this year! In Portugal we eat them so much during November. I  had to get a picture!

Castanhas assadas! Que bom! As primeiras que vejo este ano!! Tinha de tirar fotografia!

IMG_1862IMG_1863IMG_1864IMG_1865And this is chocolate!! How amazing is that?

E isto é chocolate!! Maravilhoso!


Now isn’t that beautiful? And the photos don’t even show what it truly looks like! If you have the chance come and let yourself fall in love with the magic of Christmas here, I promise you it will be worth it! 🙂

Não é bonito? E as fotografias nem lhe fazem justiça ao quão bonito e mágico é!! Se tiverem a oportunidade venham e deixem-se levar pela mágia no Natal aqui, prometo que vai valer a pena! 😉

Dear Autumn

Dear Autumn,

As pretty as you may seem the cold you bring with you is not appreciated that much. There is also the thing that apparently in England you aren’t a very good friend of the sun and therefore I haven’t seen him in a while. And you know what? I miss him! So please be nice to that “little” shiny ball that gives light to our lives and let him stay! Otherwise can you please be fast in your staying so your cousin summer can come back?

Thank you and sincerely,


P.s: If you’re stubborn in staying too long some roasted chestnuts would be very much appreciated!

IMG_1688 IMG_1689 IMG_1691