Fáilte go dtí Baile Átha Cliath! :)

Fáilte go dtí Baile Átha Cliath which means welcome to Dublin! 🙂 What a beautiful city! Amazing! Couldn’t have chosen better place to celebrate my 20th birthday!! The streets are full of live and energy in every corner and the people are unforgettable friendly and welcoming! The spirits in the streets and inside each pub is super contagious and there is not a soul who doesn’t join to drink and sing, so much fun! It is just like I dreamed of and more and I just wish the photos could show the spirit, energy, amusement, smells, open heart and warm heart of this city and people! A place to come back for sure!


As for St. Patrick’s Day getting to watch the second biggest world parade it was just astonishing, so beautiful and powerful! The whole city turns green, amazing! 🙂 But better than words let me leave you with some photos that I hope you enjoy and opens on you the wish to visit Ireland because, let me tell you, it is a must go! 😉

As for now tomorrow I will be taking off for my next destination : London and then on the weekend : Lisbon! 🙂

Off to the boat we went as your journey was about to begin! 🙂IMG_4798

IMG_4753IMG_0683IMG_0710On the first 2 night we stayed at an hotel in a beautiful place about 50 minutes from Dublin by train called Bray

IMG_0723IMG_0716And then Dublin! 🙂


The City goes green, St. Patrick’s Day & Parade!

IMG_1172 IMG_1187IMG_4885IMG_4932IMG_0791 IMG_4911IMG_4952IMG_0801 IMG_4913

* trying to upload more pictures but for some reason my wordpress is not working right now 😦 anyways here is a small sense of my days in Dublin, asap I will add the rest! 🙂 *

Have a great end of week everyone! 🙂


A Canal Town…

The more we find more of Birmingham the more we find ourselves liking it more! This time we got to find such beautiful places through canals and streets always covered with flowers, it is so nice here!

Quanto mais exploramos Birmingham mais esta cidade nos cativa! Desta vez foi tempo para descobrir o lado da cidade em que canais não faltam e as já habituais flores combrem cada canto da cidade…


And there future new library that opens in September

E esta é a futura biblioteca que abre em Setembro

P1080434P1080435P1080439We got the chance to stop and have lunch at a really nice place where they even had Portuguese beer!!

Parámos num dos vários restaurantes à beira do canal para almoçar e pontaria nossa o restaurente até tinha cerveja portuguesa!


And the day went on with more exploring of the city and making me very happy – with the sun shinning as well! – yap that is true, the weather here has been quite nice actually unlike what people always say about England, lucky us! hehe

E o dia continuou com mais explorar da cidade por meio de canais e deixem-me dizer com um enorme sorriso – o sol a brilhar do céu! – é verdade, o tempo por aqui não tem estado nada mau…

P1080448P1080455P1080457P1080446P1080459So much more of the city still to see and so many things to do also! Hope you are enjoying this trip, I will keep updating our adventure! 🙂

Ainda há muito da cidade a ver e tantas coisas para fazer! Por isso mais novidades não hão-de faltar, espero que estejam a gostar desta viagem, nós aqui estamos sem dúvida! 🙂