a working Sunday

A Sunday working does not sound very fun but it wasn’t the case, I had so much fun shooting for this new scarf brand coming now to the UK, can’t wait to see the final photos, here is a sneak peak 🙂

And after the shooting I got the chance to try an amazing Chinese buffet right in the heart of Birmingham, a positive point to Birmingham the buffet was amazing!

Getting even better this was my last work in England before flying back home for the summer! So happy! The weather has been great so I already got the chance to go to the beach… oh this is going to be a great summer! 🙂

Wish you all a great summer my amazing bloggers! 🙂



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sunny happy days

So happy!!! It seems like finally the veeeery shy sunny decided to come out! Birmingham looks as pretty as never before! I am indeed a sunny girl, just love to feel that warm amazing heat in my skin and be able to look outside the window and see real light and not a dark grey sky. I don’t know how long this beautiful weather  is staying in England but I am loving it! And I hope it stays long because – NEWS!!! – I am about to go VISIT A NEW COUNTRY! – IRELAND! 😀 soooo excited!!! My best friend from Germany is coming here on the 14th and then on the 16th we are taking the boat to Irish soil! So excited that for the first time after almost 20 years (Oh God this sounds too much! 😦 sorry but I am a bit Peter Pan, the idea of a kid forever is music to my ears! 🙂 but anyways… after such a long time I will finally get to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day (in Portugal we don’t really have it as tradition) and what better way to do so then in Dublin that hosts the 2nd biggest parade in the world! I am so excited! And right after it on the 19th it’s my birthday! YEAH! So I will also spend it on Ireland with my best friend 🙂 and straight after it I am heading to London and then Portugal! So it will be a full exciting traveling week that I just can’t wait for! And promise, I will share it all here with you my wonderful friend bloggers that have been walking this journey with me and for that and all the rest, thank you so much! 🙂

So yes, I am just happy and just wanted to share it with you! 🙂 Don’t just live life, love it and never take it for granted cause no one knows what tomorrow has for you so just in case, don’t let anything for later .. some emotional girl whose name starts by C sometimes knocks these in my head ^^

Happy week to you all my friends! 🙂

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The Annual Fashion Show, Birmingham

So sorry! It has been a while ago since I have been to the Annual Clothes Fashion Show in Birmingham from where I promised to post quite a while back! But finally here it is some pictures and videos of my first ever Fashion Show and also my first ever journalist pass to a Fashion Show! 🙂 Great day and really cool event that I won’t forget! Recommend you all to go next year, you will not regret! 😉 Take a look at it! 😀

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Home Sweet Home!

I AM FINALLY BACK HOME!! 😀 I AM SO SO HAPPY!!! 😀 I was waiting for this moments for ages and it is so good to finally be back home! 🙂 Totally in surprise as no one knew me and my brother took the train from Birmingham to London this Saturday! During the day we stood in the always magic city of London and we got to watch something even more magical, The Phantom of the Opera the musical! AMAZING, UNFORGETTABLE, BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL, BREATHTAKING and everything else great you can imagine! It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, stunning!

A brief from the movie with the music Point of No Return, one of the many amazing songs from the movie and the musical!

The day went on and after the musical we took the bus at midnight to get to the Luton Airport. By 1 in the morning we arrived at the almost desert airport and hoping for a comfy and warm place to sleep all we got was two hard tabled chairs where sleeping was not a possibility. Therefore in order to keep us awake let’s say we found another way of gaining energy – FOOD! We had lots and lots of food and naturally still we were tired, but at least it kept us busy! At 5.40 in the morning it was check in time! Finally! 🙂 At 7.40 the flight was leaving and at 10 the most beautiful country I have ever visited was in my sight – Portugal! 🙂 We were home! There was no doubt of that, the ocean was gorgeous and visible, the temperature was now what I consider to be warm of ou 16ºC degrees winter and the people were so heart full friendly! We to the subway and two buses and were were home, home in our lovely house where we hide and did a great surprise to my family! It was great! Such a great and unforgettable day! Oh home sweet home, how much I’ve missed you! 🙂


Busy Week!

This week has been a busy busy week!! Happy to finally can say – I am free from uni work!! Classes ended last week and this week it has been all about working which is the only reason why I can’t say I am already in holidays! And more then that also because I am not home yet…But almost!! Can’t wait for it, I am so ready for Christmas!!! It is by far my favorite time of the year!! Love, family, fun, food, relax and being on vacation e be able to just stay cozy in the sofa with a warm blanket over me while watching those usual but always good xmas movies and eating my granny’s xmas cake.. 🙂 Is there any better combination? 🙂

Meanwhile this week, being more specific last Tuesday I got my first ever pass as a Journalist to the Annual Fashion Show that took place in Birmingham!! It was such an amazing experience that I absolutely loved it! It didn’t even feel like working and I had so much fun! 🙂 Soon I will share here with you more of my first experience as a fashion journalist, and also as a journalist at all! Can’t wait to show you the amazing fashion show I got the chance to assist!! 🙂

Esta semana tem sido bem ocupada!! Mas finalmente posso dizer – estou livre dos trabalhos da universidade! As aulas acabaram a semana passada e esta semana tem sido meramente trabalho, razão pela qual ainda não posso dizer que me sinta completamente de férias e mais do que isso, porque também ainda não estou em casa! Mas está quase! Mal posso esperar, estou mais que pronta para o Natal!!! É de longe a minha época favorita do ano!! Amor, familia, diversão, comida, relax e estar de férias e poder ficar no sofa com um mantinha bem aconchegante sobre o colo e a ver aqueles repetidos mas sempre adoráveis filmes de Natal na televisão enquanto soboreio o bolo rei feito pela avó.. 🙂 Poderia haver melhor combinação? 🙂

Entretanto esta semana, mais especificamente esta Terça-feira tive o meu primeirissimo pass como Jornalista para o anual Fashin Show que este ano teve lugar em Birmingham! So completamente deslumbrante e um experiência espectacular que eu adorei completamente! Nem parecia que estava a trabalhar pois diverti-me imenso! 🙂 Brevemente partilharei aqui com vocês mais da minha primeira experiência como jornalista de moda, e na verdade, como jornalista de todo! Mal posso esperar para vos mostrar o espectaculo de moda fanatstico a que tive a sorte de assitir!! 🙂1454801_10200424766941312_346403023_n