AMAZING!!!! I simply have no words to describe it!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Yesterday I went to London thinking I was going to watch Dirty Dancing but being as good as I am following GPS I end lost and guess what in front on Novello Theatre where MAMMA MIA is being performed. Destiny or not I got there by 2.40 and they had a Thursday matinee starting at 3 and even better they still had tickets on the stalls. I got a 4th row amazing seat for half price! It was perfect!

My expectations were already super high not only because I had seen the movie that I love but also because it is such a known and well famed musical! But you know what? It totally went away above my expectations, it was simple magical, amazing, beautiful, ouw ouw ouw!!! Really good!!

I did love very much We Will Rock You which until now was my favorite west end musical but I have to admit that since yesterday I am not so sure anymore. I mean MAMMA MIA is something above spectacular! The cast energy, the songs, the scenes, the spirit and energy that we live during those almost 3 hours of performance is simple amazing and impossible to describe, please please make yourselves a favor and GO WATCH IT! Let them take your heart and soul to an unforgettable and beautiful experience! AMAZING!

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We Will Rock You, Domion Theatre London

What an amazing show!! I strongly totally recommend it!! I promise you is an unforgettable experience!


My sister went to visit this week and we decided (as we always love to!) to go to London and watch a musical! At the beginning we thought about Dirty Dancing or Mamma Mia! but instead of buying the tickets online we decided to go and try to buy them there. We were told about houses that sell tickets right in Piccadilly but on our way from Euston Station to Oxford we passed by the Dominion Theatre, house of the marvelous show We Will Rock You and decide to stop and check for tickets. I had seen the show once before, it was the first musical I have ever seen and a show I will never forget! It was the day my passion for musicals started thanks this beautiful show. But since my sister hadn’t seen it yet and for me getting to watch it again was a dream we decided to get tickets! Lucky us, buying at the door in the day is so much cheaper! We go two tickets for the stalls right in the front with a very decent price of 30 pounds (original about 70!).

(not with the cast I saw but one of my favorite songs!)

As I had seen it before I had a really special and amazing memory of it which I was afraid was going to be destroyed watching a second time as my expectations were very on top! But NO, NO, NO! FABULOUS, MAGIC, BREATH TAKING, I totally LOVED IT!!!! To me, the best musical ever! Or at least, the best musical I have seen until today! Amazing cast, amazing work and amazing tribute to Queen! Very, very good! If you get the chance do watch it, you won’t regret it! It is competently spectacular!!!!

(here is a short concert with the cast I saw, amazing!!!)

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London is always a good idea!

Despite of all the rain these last days London has been suffering it is still the beautiful and magic capital it always is! Besides London without its rain is not really London! Always pretty these city always has its tendency to make me smile. Oh dear London thank you for being such a good therapy, I love you! 🙂

IMG_3788 IMG_3812 IMG_3862 IMG_3864 IMG_3869 IMG_3870My always must go – Victoria’s Secret! 🙂IMG_3871 IMG_3875Portuguese model Sara Sampaio, feel proud! 😀IMG_3886IMG_3877Victoria’s Secret last VS Fashion Show outfits:IMG_3881 IMG_3883 IMG_3884So exciting we even got to watch the Premiere of Dallas Buyers Club movie! Waiting in the rainy cold weather and trying to guess from which car the actors were going to leave was quite an hard task considering that for some reason in this street pretty much only very expensive cars pass by! Or in fact you just have to be in London, Oxford area and I dare to say you will see the newest cars of all expensive brands! Oh London…you do take a good life! IMG_3892 IMG_3911IMG_3899IMG_3922

London, see you soon!

It feels like only yesterday I was just coming back home and surprising everyone…! Now I have just booked my flight and in a couple days I will be taking off to London where I will be staying for the weekend at a friends house. After it back to Birmingham and university life again!

Life is for sure a journey and to me it may change someday but as for now travelling is my passion and that is what makes me happy. Don’t take it wrong, I love home, I love Portugal, I love my ocean and its unique energy. I love my people, my family and friends. My weather is perfect and as for the food, oh I love my food! But as I chose to state on my Blog header, life is a book and not travelling is like only reading one page from it! As for me, I may not be a big reader but when it comes to my life book I want to read it all and by that I mean I want to travel, explore, try, have fun and discover as many as I can! Life is to damn short to spend it all at the same place! 🙂

As for my next trip – England – which is becoming now my.. hm 3rd home after Portugal and the US, here are some Throw Back Thursday pictures of me and my friends in the beautiful and art full city of London back in 2011, good times! 🙂   188341_1473203809651_6051277_n

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a day in the beautiful city of London

Can’t get enough of London! Such an amazing, beautiful a full of art and live in every corner! For some reason it will always be such a special city for me and going there makes me truly happy every time I do so! If it was cheaper living there would be something I definitely wouldn’t mind. As for now my journey until London takes me about an hour and an half and it costs me £6 so can’t complain!

As always he city was full of lights, people, love and art! There is something to everyone and the perfume and energy of each street is extremely attractive and unique!

If you ever have the chance – visit London! And be ready because this amazing city will make you fall in love for its art, live, people, music, perfumes, lights, energy, for the whole city! 🙂

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Victoria’s Secret store!! Awesome 4 floors store!
IMG_2428 IMG_2429 IMG_2432 IMG_2436 IMG_2437 IMG_2443 IMG_2444 IMG_2448 IMG_2449 IMG_2450 IMG_2458 IMG_2462M&M’s Store!

IMG_2465 IMG_2469 IMG_2472 IMG_2479 IMG_2485 IMG_2493

In every corner you will find a theatre and on its theatre a musical. I and my sister decided to watch Les Miserables. I watched the movie before and loved it so I couldn’t wait to watch the musical to which my expectations were quit high I shall say. Usually when you the expectations are put too high it’s hard to reach them. I have to say – they totally passed them! They went away over my expectations and the show was simply amazing and breathe taking! I can’t describe the emotions, smiles and tears the show gives you but I can tell you do go if you have the chance because it’s worth every penny you spend! Unforgettable, brilliant, amazing cast, amazing songs, amazing scenario! AMAZING! AMAZING! AMAZING!

I love theatre, art and music and a musical is the perfect combination! It just feels my heart in a way I can’t explain and the chance to watch one is one of the things that can make me happier! Thank you to the brilliant cast who gave such an astonishing experience!