Where has she been??

Heeey everyone!!

It has been such a long time! I MISS YOU! How are you all doing? My life has been a crazy unstoppable adventure these last weeks and I so wish I had had more time to share it all with you straight way! But I am here now and I promise you I am back! Can’t wait to check up on all our Blog by the way, I bet you have been doing amazing stuff! 🙂

I had an amazing summer back home in Portugal and I am back now in the UK since September. In a few months my life changed a lot… main thing: my boyfriend came with me to the UK! 🙂 he decided to start his studies here where in Birmingham and we are sharing a cosy nice house in the city centre. To make it sound even more crazy we met each other in April and have been together since then. When he decided he wanted to come with me everyone called us crazy and my parents specially, oh boy, that was not easy at all. But if there is something I am is stubborn and once I get something into my mind I take it until the end, so here we are and against all odds we are together and happy enjoying our life in Britain 🙂

Lesson learn: no one knows your heart better than yourself and just because everyone goes one way it won’t mean it is the only way. As long as makes you happy, please do it, life is just too short 😉 … oh and when love knocks, please answer cause whatever happens nothing or no one can take away the amazing memories you will make and those are forever 🙂

Not everything are roses and at the beginning it was not easy at all. At the first days we stood at an hostel but hostel got full and some nights there was no place to sleep. Somehow we have always managed to find a solution but all houses seemed to be occupied and we (specially me) I was starting to desperate thinking we would never find an place to live! Thank God we did find a place and it is a sweet warm house right in the heart of Birmingham. After a few harder weeks everything has fallen and place and now everything is going great! But I will keep updating you in more detail further on! 🙂

Oh by the way, here is our home!… What do you think?

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