AMAZING!!!! I simply have no words to describe it!! AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! Yesterday I went to London thinking I was going to watch Dirty Dancing but being as good as I am following GPS I end lost and guess what in front on Novello Theatre where MAMMA MIA is being performed. Destiny or not I got there by 2.40 and they had a Thursday matinee starting at 3 and even better they still had tickets on the stalls. I got a 4th row amazing seat for half price! It was perfect!

My expectations were already super high not only because I had seen the movie that I love but also because it is such a known and well famed musical! But you know what? It totally went away above my expectations, it was simple magical, amazing, beautiful, ouw ouw ouw!!! Really good!!

I did love very much We Will Rock You which until now was my favorite west end musical but I have to admit that since yesterday I am not so sure anymore. I mean MAMMA MIA is something above spectacular! The cast energy, the songs, the scenes, the spirit and energy that we live during those almost 3 hours of performance is simple amazing and impossible to describe, please please make yourselves a favor and GO WATCH IT! Let them take your heart and soul to an unforgettable and beautiful experience! AMAZING!

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