my radio baptism

Hello everyone! First of all I wish you all an amazing week and second I am sorry I have been a little off but here I am back now! 🙂 Can’t still believe that my year is almost done! It feels like only yesterday I was moving again to a new country, new culture, new people and routine and now is almost time to go home again! The experience has been great so far but this time unlike the United States I will be back in October. As for now I am on my first uni year final line working for a little event to will be happening this Wednesday. For this event my group decided to do a Radio Show which means for the first time I had the pleasure to present a Radio Show, it was so much fun!

1610103_1442292359343426_667090265534501724_n 10336831_1442289849343677_2796655612619994214_n

So this week the Radio Show will happen and then I will head to London for a quick last visit before heading to Portugal for the summer. And soon I will be packing this time to leave for a long while! I have to be honest and say I kinda can’t wait to go home and enjoy my summer! 🙂




4 thoughts on “my radio baptism

  1. Well done! I used to work in a community radio station – there’s nothing quite like knowing you’re talking to a few thousand people while sitting in your little sound booth 🙂

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