Lisboa – tips from a native

Hey everyone!! 🙂 I hope you are all having an amazing start of the week and that it goes on just like that because sooner than you notice it will be Friday again!

As for me I am back to my place in England not for long though as I have so excitement plans coming that I can’t wait to share with you here soon! 🙂 As for now and since last week I was in the place I will always call home with the biggest smile and pride in my face, Portugal, it more than time for me to share with you some tips, stops and must sees of the country! I live close to Lisbon so this post will be dedicated to Lisbon and surroundings. Hope you enjoy it and get the pleasure of traveling there soon! 🙂

Lisboa Must Goes

– Torre de Belém

– Terreiro de Paço

– Mosteiro dos Jerónimos

– Castelo de São Jorge

– Elevador de Santa Justa

– Padrão dos Descobrimentos

These are some of the places I recommend. A nice tour is doing a walk by Tejo River (starting in Belem) and walking until Terreiro do Paço where then you can visit down town Lisbon and see monuments such as Teatro D. Maria II, Elevador de Santa Justa, Castelo de São Jorge, etc). Starting your walk in Belem you CAN NOT miss the famous and delicious Pasteis de Belem! Quite famous and served warm is to die for! (now being honest here this is the place that comes in all guide books and I do recommend because they are good but honestly they’re secret is that they are warm, try them cold and it won’t be the same, this is my opinion. I like better Pastel de Nata (known also as Pastel de Belem as it comes from there) from for example the bakeries in Baixa-Chiado (where Terreiro do Paço is).

2105532Torre de Belémpasteis-de-belemPastéis de Natapadrao-dos-descobrimentosPadrão dos Descobrimentos

So starting in Belem and after trying a tipical Pastel de Belém continue your route by the Tejo river and see Torre de Belem and Padrao dos Descobrimentos. Before arriving at Terreiro do Paço have lunch by the river in some nice restaurants in there and try our delicious fish (cod would be what I recommend! I personally love it!). Continue until Terreiro do Paço and you will see a lot to find and visit. It is personally my favorite part of the town and it breaths history everywhere! People usually are very friendly and nice! As for the sun, it loves Lisbon as it is always there making its beauty shine!

Bacalhau com natas

Bacalhau com Natas (Creamy Cod)bacalhau lagareiro
Bacalhau à Lagareiro (Cooked and seasoned Cod with potatoes) 

terreiro-do-pacoTerreiro do Paço


In down town baixa also try take a ride in Eléctricos, old trams that take people up and down the hills (almost like the ones in San Francisco!) and then stay around the center where you can walk to pretty gardens such as Jardim da Estrela which is just by Basilica da Estrela that you can visit.


castelo_sao_jorgeCastelo de São Jorge (try and go up there in the night falls as you get a beautiful view of the city! 😉Teatro D Maria II 01Teatro D. Maria II

Once the nights falls try a casa de fado (with traditional Portuguese music) just so you can have a feeling of the culture and drink some of our wine (you won’t regret it! 😉 and then try some more traditional food (one thing to know – we do like to cook haha if there is something you will get to do a lot is eat! Such a variety of main dishes and delicious pastries you won’t even imagine! 😉

Clube_de_Fado_24104Try a Casa de Fado (such as Casa de Alfama) where you also get the chance to eat traditional Portuguese Food

In the surroundings and if you do have the time don’t miss the chance to visit the beautiful Sintra, Ericeira (my home town! needed to say it! hehe But it is beautiful! 🙂 and Cascais.

Sintra_castleSintracascaisCascaisericeira (1)Ericeira 🙂

Words to know:

Obrigada – thank you

De nada – you’re welcome

Bom dia – Good morning

Quanto custa? – How much is it?

Por favor – please

Onde é…? – Where is…?

So here is a bit of my home! 🙂 I hope this post gives you some insight and please feel free to post below any questions or comments or something else you would like to know as it will my pleasure getting back to you! 🙂

Have a great traveled week,



14 thoughts on “Lisboa – tips from a native

  1. Loved this post. We took the over night train from Madrid to Lisbon and stayed a few days. It was as beautiful as you showed it. And the food and especially the bread was amazing. We the the pasties de Belen–yummm. And it was surprising that when we went to China they have many bakeries that make the same style of custard tarts. Our son said they came from Macao, which was a colony of Portugal!! I would love to go back and see more of the countryside and towns farther around Lisbon. thanks for the fun post.

    • Oh thank you so much for the nicest and more instructive comment I have had!! 🙂 you taught me about my own country food origin! hehe didn’t know they came from Macau, really interesting! Wish I can go there someday! And I am so pleased and happy to know you enjoyed Lisbon! And yes next time you come try more of the countryside such as Ericeira and Sintra, promise you you won’t regret! 🙂 again thank you so much for the comment! 🙂 all the best, Carolina

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