white fish in a bed of zucchini

The other day I decided to stop by the market to get some veggies. Due my lack of time and the weather I hadn’t been there in a while (unfortunately!). Always enjoy going to the market, first is so cheap!, second the vegetables and fruit feel so much fresher and natural and third I just love hearing those energetic voices shouting out loud who has the best and cheapest products, it’s such an alive place!

So anyways, I got some zucchini, some tomatoes and some cucumbers and decided to combine them all to eat with my fish. Very simple but tasty what I did was: sliced the zucchini and grill it then when it’s about done pour a bit of soy sauce and give it a turn. As for the fish I also grilled it with some seasoning (listed below) and completed the dish with the cucumber and tomato with a sprinkle of salt and olive oil.


• 1 zucchini   • 1 small tomato • 1/2 cucumber • 1 fillet of white fish  

For seasoning the fish:

olive oil  • garlic • oregano • parsley 
IMG_4238 IMG_4239 IMG_4240IMG_4246 IMG_4248 IMG_4255


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