TBT Waking up in Vegas!

Words will never be enough to describe the amazing days I spent in Vegas! What a dream, what a city! it is indeed the stay where anything can happen and where you have to be prepared to see anything, because anything is possible! The city makes you feel a queen and for a moment life is limitless, there is no impossibles and excitement is so at the top that you can almost feel and hear each heart beat you take. This city will take you to places you have never been before and feeling you have never had before. At the end of the day, crazy, insane, dreamy, unreal or whatever it may be it makes you feel alive in such an amazing and special way, it makes you truly happy! Don’t hesitate or be afraid for one second and live it to the fullest in this crazy amazing city; and don’t worry cause at the end of the day, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!

Las Vegas, you’re missed! Thank you for all the moments and unforgettable amazing memories! (June 2012)

IMG_5091IMG_5126UntitledView from the Stratosphere, amazing! (and the most scary roller coaster I’ve seen!! Its right on the top of the Stratosphere and it literary goes down like falling super fast towards the city! Crazy!)
168545_3517457860475_2085417446_n[1]qwersdgfhasdewdfsdsaftrjuiadsfgP1030910545145_4133226972710_245169952_n[1]UntitledmMasquerades are every night! Like a permanent carnival, and don’t even animals seem to escape! 😉
asdgrsdf sadcsfsd sdffesefUntitled47sadfes gdadsd UntitledtewdsfgwerLimo Ride!

179131_10150901687368335_573035854_n[1] 554599_459191614109550_1989471125_n[1]Crazy gigantic buffet!

[just realized while uploading pictures they are way to many for one post only, so I will continue on a new post soon 🙂 ]


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