We Will Rock You, Domion Theatre London

What an amazing show!! I strongly totally recommend it!! I promise you is an unforgettable experience!


My sister went to visit this week and we decided (as we always love to!) to go to London and watch a musical! At the beginning we thought about Dirty Dancing or Mamma Mia! but instead of buying the tickets online we decided to go and try to buy them there. We were told about houses that sell tickets right in Piccadilly but on our way from Euston Station to Oxford we passed by the Dominion Theatre, house of the marvelous show We Will Rock You and decide to stop and check for tickets. I had seen the show once before, it was the first musical I have ever seen and a show I will never forget! It was the day my passion for musicals started thanks this beautiful show. But since my sister hadn’t seen it yet and for me getting to watch it again was a dream we decided to get tickets! Lucky us, buying at the door in the day is so much cheaper! We go two tickets for the stalls right in the front with a very decent price of 30 pounds (original about 70!).

(not with the cast I saw but one of my favorite songs!)

As I had seen it before I had a really special and amazing memory of it which I was afraid was going to be destroyed watching a second time as my expectations were very on top! But NO, NO, NO! FABULOUS, MAGIC, BREATH TAKING, I totally LOVED IT!!!! To me, the best musical ever! Or at least, the best musical I have seen until today! Amazing cast, amazing work and amazing tribute to Queen! Very, very good! If you get the chance do watch it, you won’t regret it! It is competently spectacular!!!!

(here is a short concert with the cast I saw, amazing!!!)

IMG_3974IMG_4029IMG_3980IMG_3984IMG_4004IMG_4008IMG_4011 IMG_4014 IMG_4070


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