London, see you soon!

It feels like only yesterday I was just coming back home and surprising everyone…! Now I have just booked my flight and in a couple days I will be taking off to London where I will be staying for the weekend at a friends house. After it back to Birmingham and university life again!

Life is for sure a journey and to me it may change someday but as for now travelling is my passion and that is what makes me happy. Don’t take it wrong, I love home, I love Portugal, I love my ocean and its unique energy. I love my people, my family and friends. My weather is perfect and as for the food, oh I love my food! But as I chose to state on my Blog header, life is a book and not travelling is like only reading one page from it! As for me, I may not be a big reader but when it comes to my life book I want to read it all and by that I mean I want to travel, explore, try, have fun and discover as many as I can! Life is to damn short to spend it all at the same place! 🙂

As for my next trip – England – which is becoming now my.. hm 3rd home after Portugal and the US, here are some Throw Back Thursday pictures of me and my friends in the beautiful and art full city of London back in 2011, good times! 🙂   188341_1473203809651_6051277_n

198350_1473204089658_4795144_n 200313_1473198929529_1973261_n 207111_1509837045459_509273_n


8 thoughts on “London, see you soon!

    • Oh those are very nice words of you 🙂 I feel touched for every single person I meet and that makes me who I am today, I have learned something with every single person I have crossed with because everyone is so unique and to me that makes travel something even more amazing, because you get to meet all kinds of people and communities! 🙂

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