Nutella Croissaints

This is a very easy Nutella recipe! If you’re like you and Nutella is one of your loves then this is definitely a recipe for you! 😉

IMG_3144So to do these super easy, quick and I promise delicious Nutella Croissants all you need is:

– 1 puffy pastry package

– Nutella

–  Dark Chocolate Squares

– 1 egg yolk


1. Slice the pastry in 8 squares or more if you wish to make tiny croissants.


2. Place 1 square of dark chocolate and 1 tsp of Nutella on each square.


IMG_3128IMG_31293. Roll each piece of the pastry from the base to the center of the circle.

4. Place it on a try and spread some egg yolk on each croissant.

IMG_3132IMG_31345. Finally, take it to the oven for about 15 minutes at 180ºC and it’s ready! 😉




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