A Christmasis Carrot Cake

So as tradition in my family for Christmas we all get together and celebrate Christmas eve with a home full of love and joy. All branches of the family come together and is such a magical and beautiful fun night! Getting to see relatives we haven’t seen in a while and the feeling of being home, truly home is describable, simply great and it fills up any heart 🙂

Every year we all bring something to help filling up the dinner table. This year I decided to try a Carrot Cake using a recipe given to me this summer by a very nice group of surfer girls who stayed at my house this summer to surf. While there were here they made this delicious Carrot Cake that I had to ask for the recipe! Finally now I got the time and moment to do it so here it is the recipe of a delicious and fairly easy to make Carrot Cake. The only tip I give you straight way is – do not beat the flour into the egg mixture with the electrical mixer, stir it gently with a wire whip. I say this because it cost twice of the ingredients and time since I had to make a second one because the first one didn’t turned out the way I hoped! But oh well it is all about don’t giving up and gladly the second one was just fine, so learning by my mistake, don’t use the electrical mixer for flour, wire whip, wire whip! 🙂





1. Whip the eggs and sugar together.

2. Mix flour, baking powder, vanilla sugar, cinnamon and ginger. Add them into the egg mixture and stir it with a wire whip.

3. Add the grated carrots.

4. Take it to the oven at 200ºC for about 20 minutes.

5. Mix the soft butter, Philadelphia and powder sugar and spread it over the cake.

IMG_3085IMG_3087IMG_3090IMG_3088IMG_3093IMG_3112 IMG_3113 IMG_3115 IMG_3116 IMG_3119IMG_2350 IMG_2376 IMG_2466


Let the spirit of Christmas live between us not only on Christmas but everyday of our lives because love, share and care is never too much 🙂



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