Interesting quote…1526444_598214720252275_1210459570_n


8 thoughts on “Quote

      • Once you won your independence you’ll more likely to have people depending on you 🙂 It is a kind of a balance 🙂 The worst thing is depending completely on someone …wether we like it or not…

      • That is quite an interesting and realistic point of view! Indeed you are always either in one side or the other…Guess it is just the balance the worlds needs because there will always be those people who depend on someone else and somehow need it. Those are the ones to worry if something goes wrong …

      • Oh thank you so much! 🙂 you make me very happy to say so 🙂 and just checking you Blog right now really nice! Love the pictures you have in there! 🙂 e és portuguesa não és? E nós aqui a falar em inglês.. haha 🙂

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