The Famous Portuguese Pastel de Nata

Since I am back at home I decided to share a very famous Portuguese cake very much loved for most foreigners who come to visit and for us Portuguese as well! It is simpler than it may seem and I promise you to be delicious! It goes great with powder sugar or cinnamon on top or just by itself! The best way to have it is warm. When in store usually is served in individually forms but today I am sharing the Pastel de Nata tart recipe that I hope you enjoy!


So here is what you need:



1. In a pan mix the sugar, corn scratch, milk, vanilla and lemon zest. Put it in medium heat and stir it until it turns into a creamy thick mixture.


2. Remove it from the heat. Add the 8 egg yolks and stir it until well combined.


3. Place the shortcrust pastry in a round tart shape tray and pour the egg mixture into it.


4. Take it to the oven for about 30 minutes.

And enjoy this delicious Portuguese custard! 🙂



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