Home Sweet Home!

I AM FINALLY BACK HOME!! 😀 I AM SO SO HAPPY!!! 😀 I was waiting for this moments for ages and it is so good to finally be back home! 🙂 Totally in surprise as no one knew me and my brother took the train from Birmingham to London this Saturday! During the day we stood in the always magic city of London and we got to watch something even more magical, The Phantom of the Opera the musical! AMAZING, UNFORGETTABLE, BEAUTIFUL, MAGICAL, BREATHTAKING and everything else great you can imagine! It was one of the best shows I have ever seen, stunning!

A brief from the movie with the music Point of No Return, one of the many amazing songs from the movie and the musical!

The day went on and after the musical we took the bus at midnight to get to the Luton Airport. By 1 in the morning we arrived at the almost desert airport and hoping for a comfy and warm place to sleep all we got was two hard tabled chairs where sleeping was not a possibility. Therefore in order to keep us awake let’s say we found another way of gaining energy – FOOD! We had lots and lots of food and naturally still we were tired, but at least it kept us busy! At 5.40 in the morning it was check in time! Finally! 🙂 At 7.40 the flight was leaving and at 10 the most beautiful country I have ever visited was in my sight – Portugal! 🙂 We were home! There was no doubt of that, the ocean was gorgeous and visible, the temperature was now what I consider to be warm of ou 16ºC degrees winter and the people were so heart full friendly! We to the subway and two buses and were were home, home in our lovely house where we hide and did a great surprise to my family! It was great! Such a great and unforgettable day! Oh home sweet home, how much I’ve missed you! 🙂



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