where art and flavor meet in the plate

Shogun Teppanyaki

A very tasty and delicious restaurant that just open at the Cube and lucky me so close to my home. It is a great choice for a special dinner. There you will find the flavor combined with a very fun and entertaining performance of the Japanese chef who cooks right in front of you! It was such a fun night and a great way to celebrate my friends Vanessa birthday.

IMG_2076IMG_2073 IMG_2078IMG_2083IMG_2081IMG_2099

Um restaurante muito saboroso e delicioso que abriu recentemente no The Cube e para minha sorte fica mesmo ao pé de mim. É uma óptima escolha para um jantar com amigos. Por aqui encontra-se uma maravilhosa combinação de diversão, comida e uma muito divertida performance do chefe Japones que cozinha tudo à nossa frente! Foi uma noite super divertida e uma óptima maneira de celebrar o aniversário da minha amiga Vanessa, razão pelo qual viemos experimentar o Shogun.IMG_2115IMG_2106IMG_2098IMG_2094IMG_2043


2 thoughts on “where art and flavor meet in the plate

    • Indeed! It was such a great time! And everything was delicious! I think you would enjoy the rice as well as all the rest! 😉 if you have the chance I recommend you to try it! 🙂

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