Healthy Swaps To Your Food

egg-swaps11. Kale chips for potato chips

When lightly tossed in olive oil and some seasoning (salt and pepper, paprika, or chili powder work well) and baked, these curly leafs turn into a good crunchy snack with less fat than the classic fried potato chip.

2. Dark chocolate for M&Ms (in trail mix)

To avoid the sugar packed trail mixes available in stores we can make our own with unsalted nuts and dark chocolate bits (lower in sugar).

3. Popcorn for potato chips

Lower in calories and fat, natural popcorn without pre-flavored seasonings is a great snack alternative to replace chips. Try made-at-home flavors by adding cinnamon, chili powder, or Parmesan.

4. Steel-cut oatmeal for instant oatmeal

Steel cut oats are diced whole grains that maintain more of their fiber-rich shell. Rich in B vitamins, calcium, and protein, steel-cut oats also lack the added sugar that often comes with instant varieties.

5. Banana ice cream for ice cream

No milk, no cream, no sugar… but the same, delicious consistency. It’s simple: freeze bananas, then puree.

6. Sweet potato fries for French fries

Opting for sweet potatoes rather than the traditional white adds an extra dose of fiber, and vitamins. Plus, it cuts out roughly 20 grams of carbohydrates per one-cup serving.

7. Frozen Yogurt for Ice Cream

Frozen yogurt has a lot less fat than ice cream and still has a lot of flavor!

8. Low-fat cottage cheese for sour cream

They both add a creamy texture to many dishes, but sour cream is packed with fat while low-fat cottage cheese is packed with protein.

9. Pureed fruit for syrup

Pureed fruit warmed on the stovetop with a bit of honey packs much less sugar than classic maple.

10. Herbs or citrus juice for salt

Fresh herbs and citrus juice can provide just as much flavor without the added risks of excess sodium intake.

Do you use any? 🙂 What healthy swaps do use or are thinking of starting to use? 

I personally need to start cut a lot more on the salt I use!! Like it too much..! ^^


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