Back to More Healthy Swaps!


1. Corn tortilla for flour tortilla

Half the calories and fat.

52. Nuts for croutons (in salads)

Croutons will add an extra of carbs, fat and sodium to your salad so instead try some lightly toasted slivered almonds, pecans, or walnuts, it will make your salad much healthier and still crunchy!

53. Whole wheat bread for white bread

54. Avocado mash for mayo

Half a mashed avocado is a great substitute for mayo on any sandwich. Both give some moisture, but avocado packs a big dose of vitamin E and cholesterol-checking monosaturated fat. And while a typical two-tablespoon serving of mayonnaise has about 206 calories and 24 grams of fat, half an avocado has only 114 calories.

55. Sliced tomatoes for tomato sauce (on pizza)

Cut out the extra sodium, sugar, and preservatives by replacing jarred tomato sauce with fresh sliced tomatoes.

56. Frozen or Fresh Fruits for canned fruit

Cut down on excess sugar and preservatives by choosing fresh or flash-frozen varieties.

57. Veggies for pita (as a dipping tool)

58. Cauliflower puree for egg yolks (in deviled eggs)

Try replacing half the yolks in the filling with cauliflower puree. The taste remains the same, as does the texture, but without the extra dose of cholesterol.

59. Quinoa for oatmeal

Cooked with milk (cow, almond, hemp — whatever’s on hand) and some cinnamon, quinoa makes a perfect protein-packed hot breakfast.

60. Edamame hummus for regular hummus

Try switching to an edamame-based hummus, it will give less calories and less fat than a regular one.


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