A Traveler’s Life

I travel, I meet, I like, I fall in love, I have to leave, I cry, I miss, it hurts.

Again I travel, meet, like, love and kills me to say goodbye.


But fur some reason I keep doing it leaving a part of me a bit all over the world, the more I do it it’s like the more pieces of me I leave behind but at the same time for some reason I just can’t stop. Just like the strongest drug once you try it you just can’t stop because those certain emotions that only travelers can feel are worth more than reason can explain. Yes those feeling which those of you who have traveled are thinking right now and don’t tell me you have never travel or much less don’t tell me you don’t like doing it. Because if I ask if have you ever thought about you in that place or with that person or doing that certain thing you would love to? Well you were travelling, you were dreaming and after all traveling and dreaming live side by side.

Please travel as much as you can. It is a damn drug with all the get addicted thing cause once you start it you can hardly stop but it is worth for every single faster emotional heart beat have you. Love and give love. feel it. Be shy.Be afraid after all no one is gonna tell your story better than yourself write the book you would like to read. Don’t just go and buy the cute romantic book at the store go and make that book your life!


(written someday in some night when I should be sleeping which means sorry for possible non sense parts on it)



4 thoughts on “A Traveler’s Life

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    • Thank you for your comment and advise! 🙂 that is a very wise advise, I just wish to be better at following it! ^^ that is such an hard thing for me to do! I let myself get too much into things I guess…I suppose only time will teach me better! ^^

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