There will be a day when people will all respect each other. There will be a day where love will be above everything else. There will be a day that the word racism will be out of use. There will be a day when we will all understand each other and embrace diversity. On that day there will be peace. It will be the day when tragedies like 9/11 will never happen again. Because it doesn’t matter our skin color, country or religion, at the end of the day, we are all nothing but humans with a heart and a soul ready to love, to share and help the others. It’s more than time to show it the world and to prove that together we can do amazing things.

It’s time to fill our hearts with love and not hunger, with compassion not revenge, with gratitude not jealousy. It’s time to believe that the world is what we make of it. I dream with a day all people will get together and be only one, be just humans not the Chinese, the Americans or the Indians, what define us above everything is that we are humans. I have known people from all continents and with every single one of them I have learn so much, I have laughed and loved so much. They made me be who I am today and I thank whatever force is up there every day for it because I have learn that love is the strongest thing in the world and I believe the day people will let love run free the peace will come and stay, forever. LOVE, please LOVE yourself, LOVE life and LOVE the others.

Respect.        9.11.2011




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