Trying some Scottish Eggs

So the meal this was Scottish Eggs! Never heard about it or seen it before so we weren’t even sure how to cook it! We saw it at Tesco and decided to buy some to try! Here it is how it turned out,

Hora da refeição e desta vez decidimos experimentar Scottish Eggs – Ovos Escoceses! Nunca tinha visto ou ouvido falar deles antes e na verdade nem sabiamos muito bem como cozinhá-los! Mas até que nem correu mal, e o saber não era mau. No fundo é um ovo cozido com uma pasta de carne à volta e depois pão ralado tipo rissol a cobrir. Pessoalmente os nossos rissóis são mil vezes melhores, mas não era mau! 

P1080717 P1080720Today it is time to work, it will be from 5 until it closes which means I won’t be leaving before 1.30 am! I just hope my cough and nose don’t get worse!

Hoje já é dia de trabalho, vai ser das 5 até fechar ou seja não vou sair pelo menos antes da 1 e meia da manhã! Só espero que a minha constipação não piore!

Wish you all an wonderful day! 




12 thoughts on “Trying some Scottish Eggs

  1. Scotch eggs – I really miss these in Japan. Along with creme fraiche!

    If your cold persists, I have a recipe that might help? Boil 1 lemon cut into quarters for 15 minutes. Rinses out the cold.

      • drink it! Cut the lemon in quarters and boil in about 500ml of water for 15 minutes. Let it cool then drink. It will be quite bitter so you can add some honey. Was given this recipe by a Jamaican 10 years ago and it sure as hell worked!!! It truly blasts the fever out. But I’m keen to try your recipe – a month ago I had a really sore throat (from a unmasked child that I teach) and needed something then!

      • Interesting, I still have a lemon left on my fridge so I will make it tomorrow before work! 🙂 Thank you so much!! And for you, try it, with me always help with sore throat! 😉 since is a natural med the only thing is you may have to take a bigger dose but it is much better than put chemicals into our system! I only use them as last resource!

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