Healthy Swaps Time


1. Dry beans for canned beans

Canned beans are convenient, sure, but they also tend to have excess sodium and plenty of preservatives.

2. Prosciutto or pancetta for bacon

A few slices of prosciutto or pancetta can help cut both calories and fat. While bacon has about 70 calories and 6 grams of fat for two slices, prosciutto has just 30 calories and 4 grams in an equally weighted sample.

3. Two egg whites for one whole egg

One egg yolk holds more than half the recommended daily cholesterol for the average adult. Trading out the yolk for a second white will cut out the cholesterol while doubling the protein. If making a dish that requires more eggs, keep one to two yolks for their rich vitamins A, E, D, and K content, but consider swapping out the rest.

4. Whole wheat pasta for regular pasta

Just as with bread, whole wheat pasta beats regular with a higher fiber content and about 50 fewer calories per serving (depending on the brand).

5. Crushed flax or fiber cereal for bread crumbs

Crushing a fiber-rich cereal and mixing it with some herbs makes an easy lower-sodium substitution for traditional breadcrumbs.

6. White-meat, skinless poultry for dark-meat poultry

White meat is lower in calories and fat, higher in protein and iron.

7. Olive oil spray for olive oil from the bottle

Using a spray bottle is a great way to cut down on oil while still getting the non-stick benefits. A little mist is all that’s needed!

8. Egg Beaters for egg yolks

A solid substitution for many egg dishes (like omelets or frittatas)

9. Bison for beef

Higher in B vitamins and lower in fat.

10. Ground Turkey for ground beef

Ground turkey (or chicken) is a great substitute for ground beef to cut down on saturated fat and calories.

What do you think? What swaps would you use? 🙂


4 thoughts on “Healthy Swaps Time

  1. sometimes I substitute ham for bacon – you can get fairly lean ham sliced thinly to still get that bacony flavor without all the fat, especially if you cook it and get it browned a little. It still is pretty high in salt content but it does cut down on fat. We don’t see much prosciutto or pancetta in my part of America, and it is very expensive.

    • That is definitely then a good idea for a swap! 😉 And by cutting the fat makes it so much healthier for us without loosing flavor! Thank you so much for your help sharing your swap! 🙂

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