I have been searching for some workouts alternatives to alternate with the one I am doing right now and after some searching here I share the findings I liked the most!

Alternative 1 (for legs):

Leg-WorkoutAlternative 2 (for ABS):

workouts-for-the-absAlternative 3 (for glutes):



It is said we all should do our own workout according to what works better for our bodies because we all have different bodies so I think the best option is to just try until get the ones we work better with and very important to have a little variety and not one only. Also it is important to let the body rest, so at least once a week we should relax and spoil our body. A spa day for example would be a great idea or simply just rest at home. It is very important to be realistic, because we if plan unreal workout plans we will very easily quit. So it is very important to know our body and our limits. Among with this, it is fundamental to have healthy habits of eating because after all food is the energy for our body to work right!

What do you think of these workout plans? 

Share your opinions and suggestions! 🙂





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