Real Portuguese Dinner

Hey there my friendly bloggers! 🙂

Tonight the dinner at home was very Portuguese, something I better enjoy while I still can! It was carne de porco à alentejana (translated it is like pig meat in Alentejo style – Alentejo is a place in southern Portugal). It is a very good meal and here I will  leave you my mom’s recipe! I made it with her, she is a great cooker so I am always learning while cooking with her! This dish is very tasty, so I hope you like it! 🙂

Boa noite meus amigáveis bloggers! 🙂

Hoje à noite o jantar cá em cas foi algo bem português, algo que o melhor mesmo é eu aproveitar enquanto posso! Foi carne de porco à alentejana, da qual eu deixo aqui a receita que fizemos. Espero que gostem! 🙂


1 Kg of clams1kg de amêijoas
Salt / sal
800g lean pork / 800g de carne de porco magra
6 cloves of garlic / 6 dentes de alho
3 tablespoons of ground pepper3 clh sopa de massa de pimentão
1,5 dl of white wine / 1,5dl de vinho branco
Pepper and bay / pimenta e louro
30g of lard /30g de banha
30g margarine / 30g de margarina
Coriander / coentros

1. Put the clams in a bowl full of salty water and let it stay for a couple hours. Change the water several times so the clams will lose the sand. / Coloca-se as amêijoas de molho com algumas horas de antecedência, em água com sal. Muda-se a água várias vezes para as amêijoas largarem a areia.

2. Cut the pork into cubes and season it with the garlix, the ground pepper, wine, salt, pepper and bay leaf. Let it marinade for several hours. / Corta-se a carne de porco em cubinhos e tempera-se com o alho, a massa de pimentão, o vinho, o sal, a pimenta e o louro. Deixa-se a carne nesta marinada durante algumas horas.
3. Originally the patato is cut into cubes and it is fried. Here at home in order to make it healthier and still very tasty we put them in the oven. Meanwhile in a large skillet melt and lard and the olive oil. Add the meat and let it fry until it is golden.  Add the marinade to the meat and cook it for more 10 minutes. / Originalmente a batata é cortada aos cubos e frita, cá em casa fizemos com batatinhas cozidas. Entretanto leva-se a derreter a banha e o azeite numa frigideira larga. Junte a carne, e deixa-se fritar até estar dourada. Regua-se com a marinada e deixa-se cozer 10 minutos.



4. Add up the clams and let it cook until the clams open. / Adiciona-se as amêijoas e deixa-se cozinhar até estas estarem abertas.

5. Finally, add the potatos and the coriander and it’s ready to serve! / Por fim, junta-se as batatas e os coentros e está pronto a servir!


Note / Nota: We also made some broccoli and mushrooms on steam and ate with the the meat. If you like these veggies it is something I personally think it goes very good with this meal. / Fizemos também alguns brocolos e cogumelos cozidos a vapor para acompanhar, caso gostem é algo que pessoalmente acho que também fica bom.


You may also like to try add some olives on the top, in restaurants when they serve this dish it is usual to do so.

We went simpler and didn’t add olives. Here is how it turned up,


It was supper yummy! 🙂

If you have any questions, doubts or comments about the recipe or anything else please feel free to ask me, it will be my pleasure to help you! 🙂 Hope you like it!

Have a great night,



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