Erin Grace Interview:

“I cannot be in the house and not play the guitar. I have to play guitar every day.”


With only 19 years old Erin Grace has already an extensive list of her own songs, a guitar she gained on a ruffle, a degree to finish in Media and Communication and the dream of playing at the Reading Festival. In this interview she tells us more about her dreams and her life as a singer and a student.

Musicians Family

Born and raised in Birmingham Grace has been playing the guitar since she was 14.

“I just sort of thought myself. I started writing songs about 14 but it is more prominent now.”

This young singer family is quite a musician’s family since her dad plays guitar and as for her two sisters one plays guitar as well while the other plays harp. It is no surprise that Erin became a musician as well.

The dark hair singer has been playing in gigs for a few years now.

“I play a lot of something called open mic so that is in a pub but I am also in a band as well but this is like a second project kind of thing. I used to do more gigs with my band, The Lappels

Singer and Student

Grace is studying at the Birmingham City University. She is currently in her first year of Media and Communication. “I absolutely love it! I am doing a broad course. I think the board course is good because there is so many different things you can do.” About managing her time between studying and singing Grace says

“In my spare time I do music. When I am not doing essays I am pretty much on the guitar all the time, it’s the biggest temptation. I cannot be in the house and not play the guitar. I have to play guitar every day. It is like an addiction.”


Grace’s Future

Dreaming of one day play at the Reading Festival, a festival she loves to go, Erin is building her way up in the music industry as she is currently working in her first album. The young singer has her future all planned saying

If not a singer I would be a music journalist because I do like music so much.

And for her style of music indie rock is her thing  “I like a lot of local indie bands from Birmingham. I think there’s a lot of amazing bands in Birmingham and most people don’t know them.”

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To see more of Erin Grace check out her YouTube Channel and her Facebook page.